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In Canada, unintentional injury remains the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14. In fact, injuries account for more deaths in children and youth than all other causes of death combined.

Canada ranks a shocking 22nd out of 29 OECD countries when it comes to preventable childhood injuries and deaths. This is staggering when one onsiders that injuries are largely preventable and create a significant economic burden on employers and governments. Unintentional injuries account for 81% of all injuries in Canada, and cost our health care system approximately $16.01 billion annually. Seventy percent of deaths, 85% of hospitalizations, 95% of emergency room visits, 89% of all cases of permanent partial disability and 91% of permanent total disability arising from injury were caused by unintentional injury.

One out of every 230 Canadian children is hospitalized each year with a serious trauma, with 20 percent of these having serious head injuries. This means approximately 6,000 Canadian children sustain a major head injury, resulting in lifelong disability each year.

The top 15 killers of kids are largely preventable:

Motor vehicle crashes, choking, drowning, pedestrian injuries, falls, poisoning, fires/burns, bikes, dog bites, suffocation, baby walkers, sports injuries, guns, power windows, and toppling televisions.

About 25,500 Canadian children aged 14 and under (one in every 230) are hospitalized each year for serious injuries, and approximately 390 of them die, according to Safe Kids Canada.

We'€™re here to help change those numbers.

*Figures according to SMARTRISK's "The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada" report. Download the full report here: http://www.smartrisk.ca/downloads/burden/Canada2009/EBI-Eng-Final.pdf

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